THETIS Authentics Ltd was created in 1999. It took over the activities of THETIS Hellas Ltd, a consulting company created in 1994 that focused mainly on analytical services for Archaeology, Art and Conservation.
The company is directed by Dr Eleni Aloupi-Siotis, Chemist -Archaeological Scientist.

In response to market requirements THETIS authentics specializes in non destructive analytical methods addressing issues of authenticity and provenance for ancient artifacts and works of art in Museum and Private collections. In addition, the company engages in joint research with Public and University Archaeology Departments in addressing specific archaeological problems.

Over the last years the scope of its activities has broadened to include production of ”Museum Quality” technologically authentic reproductions of ancient, mainly ceramic, artifacts.

Services offered by THETIS Authentics include:

  • Expert consulting in matters of authenticity and provenance of archaeological artefacts and works of art
  • Detailed scientific analysis of ancient techniques in conjunction with laboratory reproduction experiments
  • Experimental investigation of the usage of ancient artefacts
  • Services to Archaeological excavation teams for the study, conservation and reproduction of ceramic finds
  • Documentation and identity verification of archaeological artefacts and works of art